8th International Conference on Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

May 26th - 31st, 2019, Barcelona





    If the author that submitted an abstract is unable to assist or if a contribution has to be withdrawn, please contact the organizer immediately.

    Please send a mail with details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    No-show of authors for talk or poster presentations will be dealt as withdrawn abstracts.


    Speakers should arrive in the presentation room at least 30 minutes before their scheduled presentation.

    Please hand over an electronic version of your talk to the technical staff in the  corresponding lecture hall at the latest during the break before your scheduled session.

    Please ensure compatibility with projectors before the session.

    The use of your own laptop is possible as an exception.

    Please arrange this in the break before the session with the technical staff and the session chair.

    Microphones and laser pointers are available in the lecture halls.

    Scheduled length of talks:

    • Contributed: 16 min + 3 min discussion
    • Invited: 25 min + 4 min discussion
    • Plenary: 34 min + 5 min discussion

    Time keeping is crucial to ensure the smooth operation of the entire program. Please, make sure not to overrun your allocated time.


    Authors should fix their poster at least 60 minutes before the start of the corresponding poster session (Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, please check program schedule).

    Poster numbers will be supplied at the poster boards.

    Use of sharp objects such as thumbtacks is not allowed.

    Sticky tacks and/or double-sided tape will be available at each of the poster sessions.

    Presenting authors must be available for the entire duration of the scheduled session.

    Posters for session A can be mounted from Monday morning on and have to be removed after the poster session on Tuesday evening.

    Posters for session B can be mounted from Wednesday morning on and have to be removed after the poster session on Thursday evening.

    The poster format is specified as A0 format: 841~mm (33.11~in) width by 1189~mm (46.81~in) height.

    Please note that there is no poster printing capacity at the conference!


    This prestigious ICSE Award is named in honor of the physicist Paul Karl Ludwig Drude (1863 - 1906), a pioneer of ellipsometry. Reflecting Drude's oeuvre related to the electron conductivity model, emphasis is placed on spectroscopically determining and understanding the interaction of light with matter.

    The Award is given to young scientists for exceptional contributions to the development and application of spectroscopic ellipsometry.

    The ICSE-8 Paul Drude Award will be split. Two winners have been selected in equal first place by the Committee, composed by members from the Organizing, Advisory and Honorary Committees.

    The Award winners are:

    Eva Bittrich

    Scientist at Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden (Dresden, Germany)

    "for dissemination of the principles and strengths of spectroscopic ellipsometry into the wider area of
    organic and polymer thin films and interfaces, and for providing combinatorial in-situ approaches such as
    quartz-crystal microbalance with dissipation and spectroscopic ellipsometry".

    Chris Sturm

    Scientific co-worker at Felix Bloch Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Leipzig (Leipzig, Germany)

    "for extending Max Born's oriented dipole approach to excitonic and band-band transitions thereby relating the electronic transitions to atomic bond directions and orbitals within the crystal structure of all seven crystal classes, and for describing singular optic axes and exceptional points in biaxial anisotropic materials".

    The Paul Drude Award consist of a certificate, a prism and a monetary price of 1000 €.
    The Award will be handed at a special Session on Friday, 31 of May of 2019.
    The ICSE-8 Paul Drude Award is sponsored by the J.A. Woollam Co., Inc.

    Previous Paul Drude Award winners and institutions

    2007 Peter Petrik (Research centre for Natural Sciences, Hungary)
    2010 Tino Hofmann (University of Nebraska-Linclon, USA)
    2013 Vanya Darakchieva (Linköping University, Sweden)
    2016 Oriol Arteaga (University of Barcelona, Spain)
    2016 Christoph Cobet (Johannes Kepler University, Austria)


    At ICSE-8, awards will be given for the best poster presentations held by a student.

    Posters are judged by members of the Organizing, Advisory, Program and Honorary Committees.

    Consideration is given to scientific rigour, contribution to the field, relevance to the conference scope and overall presentation.

    An award will be assigned at each of the Tuesday and Thursday poster sessions. A prize of 200 € and a certificate will be given at the Award Ceremony on Friday 31st.

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